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    This first assignment will ask you to put into practice what you have  learned about searching the Internet and using Microsoft Word. Since  time management is one of the greatest challenges any college student  will face, you will research ways to improve your time management and  write up your findings using Microsoft Word.
    Assignment Requirement:
    To successfully complete this assignment, submit one (1) Microsoft  Word document that includes the following information and formatting.
    Main Steps:
  1. Download the Assignment 1 Sample or PDF version.
  2. Follow the walkthrough instructions here to complete this assignment or download and print the instructionsso you can check each item off as you complete it.
  3. Save your document with the following name – CIS105_Assignment1_FirstName_Last Name_Date.docx.
  4. Submit your assignment through the submission button.
  5. Walkthrough Instructions:
    Here is a list of everything you need to do to successfully complete Assignment #1. Just check off each item as you go. If you have any questions along the way, contact your professor and they can help you out.
  • Create a new Word document.For tips on how to do  this, make sure to review the Getting Started section of your Word  Essential Training video (whichever version is appropriate for you to  view).
  • Write an overview. At the top of your Word document  write an overview of why time management is important to you. (Idea:  You may find it helpful to do your research and research documentation  prior to writing the overview.)
  • Online search.Many people have tips and tricks for  managing their time and it’s important to find new ideas that can help  you. Go online and find three (3) articles or videos that talk about  managing your time. (Idea: Use different search terms: “how to manage my  time,” “time management best practices,” “managing your time as a  student,” or “time management tips.” Think of different search  algorithms. You can use Google, another search engine, or the Strayer  Library.)
  • Create a table. Now, create a table that has four (4) columns and four (4) rows.
  • Fill in the columns of the table. In the left  column of the table, type “Website Title”, in the second column, type  “Source”, in the third column, type “What I Learned”, and in the fourth  far-right column, type “My Reviews”.
  • Now, provide detailsabout each website.  
    • Row 1:What was the name of article/video #1? What  is the source (what is the website name)? What did you learn from  reviewing this site? Did you think it was helpful and why or why not?  (answer in your own words.)
    • Row 2:What was the name of article/video #2? What  is the source (what is the website name)? What did you learn from  reviewing this site? Did you think it was helpful and why or why not?  (answer in your own words.)
    • Row 3:What was the name of article/video #3? What  is the source (what is the website name)? What did you learn from  reviewing this site? Did you think it was helpful and why or why not?  (answer in your own words.)
  • Format your document. 
    • Add a Header that includes:  
      • The course title.
      • Your first and last name.
    • Add a title to the top of the page called “Time Management” or another title of your choice. Boldyour title.
    • Add an image or screenshot between the overview and the table. You  could add a screenshot of an actual website you used or an image of a  clock or checklist to represent time management tips.
    • Below the image add a bulleted list of two (2) things you would like to start doing to better manage your time.
    • Add a footer, which includes the date you completed and submitted the assignment.
  • Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic /  organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using this rubric.
    Recommended TestOut Skills Labs to review prior to completing this assignment:
  • 2.2.4 Skills Lab: Create Documents
  • 2.11.4 Skills Lab: Manage References
  • 2.7.5 Skills Lab: Edit Documents
  • 2.8.4 Skills Lab: Insert Illustrations
  • Recommended Lynda.com video to review prior to completing this assignment:
    Different options are listed based on the version of Microsoft Word  you are using (2016 vs. 2013, PC vs. Mac). Note: The Strayer student  laptops come with Microsoft Word 2016 PC version. Note: Review at a  minimum the Introductionand Getting Startedchapters of the video.
  • Word 2016 Essential Training
  • Word 2013 Essential Training
  • Word for Mac 2016 Essential Training
  • Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training
  • Note: This assignment will be run automatically  through SafeAssign plagiarism detection software and an originality  report will be sent to your instructor. Please make sure that you are  writing in your own words and not copying any information from outside  sources. Please review Strayer University’s Academic Integrity Policybefore beginning this assignment.

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