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1. Cover sheet must include Geographer’s name, title of the paper, date, and course name (number). This page is not numbered.

2. Text begins at the topof page 1. Number all pages of the paper.

3. Paper must be at least 4 complete pages in length and no more than 7 pages. 

One complete page = 22-23 lines of text.

4. Use 12 point font. All margins approximately 1.25 inches.

5. Double space all text. No extra spacinganywhere.

6. Paper must include an introduction and a conclusion/summary.

7. Paper must include two: maps or illustrations OR a combination.

8. Ending r eference page must be clear and valid.  Web cited references must include Title, Author, publication date in addition to web address. Wikipedia a good place to start, is not considered a reliable reference.

Grading Criteria

1. Follow paper requirements stated above.

2. Overall organization of the paper and the clarity in the presentation of the analysis. E.g., Introduction, conclusion, proper paragraph construction, good transition from one paragraph to the next.

3. Extent of thoughtful, insightful, and creative analyses.

4. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

This research paper is to take the material we have studied in our course which has been applied to a ‘macro’ level and reduce our scale to the ‘micro’ level of the state of Virginia.

Research: Develop a full physical geography profile of Virginia. Include in your paper:

1. describe any distinguishing regions of the State

2. what biome(s) is the State located within?

3. what is the climate of the State and designation in the Koppen classification?

4. what are some of the natural resources found within the State?

5. what soil-types are found within its borders?

6. for our area, what watershed do we fall within other that the Chesapeake bay?

7. what is the Suffolk scarp?  Where is it located?

8. what does the future hold for the State

The Geographer may use the various maps (figures) from the textbook and your attention is called to the site below. 

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