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Question 1
(C6) Strategically focused HR structures have the HR manager reporting directly to the CEO and the HRM functions divided into three divisions. Which is not one of the three divisions?
Field generalists
The center for outsourcing
Centers for expertise
The service center

Question 2
(C6) Evaluation helps determine whether the HRM function is meeting its objectives and effectively using its budget. This refers to
providing accountability.
marketing the function.
employee selection.

Question 3
(C6) In comparing and contrasting the HR practices of employers-of-choice, many forward-looking companies are trying to satisfy the diverse needs of employees by providing which of the following?
Cafeteria benefit plans
Paid sick leave
Defined benefit retirement plans
Worker's compensation

Question 4
(C6) In preparing your term paper, you focused on the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America and assessed the practices of your chosen company and those of your classmates. Which of the following is most likely to be the cornerstone of why employers-of-choice made this list?
Global positioning
Diversity in workforce and customer bases
HR benefits
Technological advantage

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