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Match the summary on the left column with the corresponding PRINCIPLE on the right column by entering the appropriate number in the answer boxes.


Continually improving upon and applying skills, while understanding self-limitations.

Remaining unbiased, no matter the task, when professionally executing client requests.

Conduct all actions in an expert and exemplary manner, to cultivate skill and reputation.

Truthfulness, in both action and intent.

Utmost discretion with, and protection of, client information.

Always provide the most prompt, meticulous and detailed service possible.

Balancing personal desires against client goals, to ensure equality in the relationship.









Match the summary on the left column with the corresponding RULE of CONDUCT on the right column by entering the appropriate number in the answer boxes.


Employees will render services within legal bounds that adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Client assets will be returned upon request, in a feasible and timely fashion.

Suspension or revocation of certification must be immediately reported to clients.

Changes in contact information must be reported within forty-five (45) days.

Client interests will be treated objectively, fairly, and in good faith.

Information is not to mislead, with extent of limits and viable benefits fully disclosed.

Defining Relationship with the Prospective Client or Client

Information Disclosed to Prospective Client and Clients

Prospective Client, and Client Information and Property

Obligations to Prospective Client and Clients

Obligations to Employers

Obligations to CFP Board



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