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Activity 19.2 Comparing the Sizes of the Planets (pg. 323-325): complete questions 4, 5, and 6

4. Planet: Earth Diameter: 12,756 km

5. Planet: Neptune Diameter: 50,530 km

6. 3.9, almost 4 times larger

Activity 19.5A Comparing Planetary Masses (pg. 326-327): complete questions 1 through 5.

1. Most massive: Jupiter & is 11.2 times larger than Earth

2. Least massive: Mercury & is 38% of the diameter of Earth

3. Greatest: Jupiter Least: Mercury

4. On Mars: 80 On Jupiter: 500

5. Jovian Planets

Activity 19.6A Rotation and Orbital Period (pg. 329): complete questions 1 through 8.

1.  59 days

2. 9 hours and 56 minutes

3. Terrestrial planets have longer periods of rotation than Jovian planets.

4. 280,000/10= 28,000 mi/h

5. 24000/24= 1,000 mi/h

6. 28 times faster

7. Mercury: 4.15 Neptune: 0.006


Module 7 Learning Summary

Compose a short (1-3 paragraph) summary of what you learned in this module. You may want to write about:

• your reaction to particular ideas presented in this module

• questions you may still have

• any “aha” moments that may have occurred to you

• connections between what you’ve learned and how you might use this information in your professional or personal life 

Be as specific as possible about your learning and include one or two examples of how this module changed the way in which you think about the earth

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