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The purpose of this assignment is for you to think critically about information presented in this unit. Unfortunately, we sometimes tend to read information and consider it correct without much thought. This assignment should assist you in modifying that process. Hopefully, this will help you to critique future articles as well as your own work.

For this critique, you can choose one of three articles. Each article is located in the CSU Online Library. You should probably skim each article in order to determine which is the most interesting to you. 

The article options are provided below and may be accessed by visiting the Criminal Justice database in the CSU Online Library. To reduce the amount of results you receive, it is recommended to conduct an advanced search; enter the article title in the first search box, and enter the author’s last name in the second search box.

Ginn, J. (2014). Going gray behind bars. Corrections Forum, 23(3), 18–20. 

Payne, C. (2015). Managing aggressive inmates. American Jails, 29(2), 26–29. 

Rowe, D., Huskey, B., & Severson, M. (2016). Mental illness and Douglas County jail: A new prescription. Corrections Today, 78(1), 56–59. 

For this assignment, you will critique the selected article. The article critique should include the elements below: 

  • Provide a short summary of the article (one paragraph). 
    • What is the main point? 
    • What is the central argument?
  • Include a critique of the article. 
    • Is the article clear?
    • Is there appropriate evidence to support the article?
    • Is the article logical?
    • Who is the audience?
    • Is the article conventional, boring, controversial, and/or thorough?
    • Would you recommend this article to an individual working in corrections? Why, or why not?
  • State your position on the article’s viewpoint. 
    • Do you agree with the article? Why, or why not?
    • Do you have any recommendations to modify the article?
    • Has the author neglected any important details?

The completed article critique should be at least two pages in length; make certain to double space and use 12-point, Times New Roman font. A reference page and citations are required for this assignment. 

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