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Discuss    the    importance    of    combinatorial    reasoning    in    gene    sequencing    and    related    problems    involving    


Each    writing    assignment    is    worth    

20    points

should    include    the    following    sections


Background    (3    points):    

This    is    a    discussion    of    how    the



mathematical    and    mathematical    portions    of    your    topic    fit    




t    include    a    historical    background    of    the    topic,    definitions    of    terms

,    the    

discrete    mathematics


that    are    addressed


induction,    logical    fallacy,    etc.

),    and    some    explan

ation    about    why    these    ideas    were    useful.

Examples    (10    points):    

In    most    of    your    writing    assignments    you    are    asked    to    discuss    and    describe    an    aspect    of    discrete    

mathematics.    Give    two    of    three    examples    or    techniques    of    the    topic    under    discussion.    Give    general

information    and    also    

specific    examples    of    the    topic.


(2    points):    

List    the    references    you    used    to    complete    this    rep

ort.    J

ust    list    title    and    author    for    any    books    



you    used.    You    should    also    include    a    list    of    people    that    you    consulted

or    any    other    form    of    help    that    you    received.    

For    example,    you    might    obtain    some    of    your    information    from    the    internet;    in    this    case,    you    could    include    the    


You'll    need    at    least    one    book

or    article

as    a    reference,    preferably    two

,    and    a    total    of    at    

least    two    references.

You'll    notice    that    there    are    still    5    points    unaccounted    for.    The    remaining    5    points    are    for    style:    clarity,    neatness,    flow,    

design,    organization    and    creativity


it's    important    to    be    able    to    communicate    your    ideas.

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