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Basically read the essay find a problem to write about it

The essay souled be in APA format 5-6 pages long double spice also you should write a proposal that a separate two pages on longer than two pages.

You must use the references on the work cited page and add 2 more resources.


how to successfully construct the essay:


      I.        Introduction (one paragraph)

a.     Attention-getting sentence to draw your readers’ interest—maybe tell a brief story or begin with a shocking fact

b.    Brief background regarding the subject

c.     Thesis statement addressing both the problem and solution

     II.        Body [1](many paragraphs, multiple pages)

a.     Context

·   History of and/or cause of the issue

b.    Problem/Significance of the problem

·   What it is, who it impacts—give specific examples

c.     How the problem is currently being addressed

·   The main ways it is (specifically) being addressed (this could include multiple examples of things that have been done or are being done—locally, nationally, and/or globally) and how they have (or have not) worked

d.    Solution

·   Explain the practical solution (including HOW it would work)

·   How it could be implemented

    III.        Conclusion (one paragraph)

a.     Reinforcement of the stance and main points

b.    Reflection on the greater importance of addressing the subject

c.     Call the readers to action


The paper should be at least5-6 pagesof text in length, notcounting the APA-style title page and References page. All citations—which should come from at least 6-9 credible sources—should adhere to APA documentation format.


[1]This should be peppered, extensively, with references to credible sources to back up the information provided

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