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Your solution should draw on the content presented in the course. The outline below lists points/topics to cover. You are free to provide additional, related information.
Provide technical and justification reasons for each choice, citing resources as appropriate. Provide rough estimates of scheduling and manpower required for deploying your solution. You may summarize the schedule and manpower at the end of the document, or include it separately for each section.
The Windows Server 2012 operating system should be used for all aspects of the solution.
Your solution should cover the following four numbered areas and associated bulleted items listed under each:

  1. Deployment and Server Editions
    • How many total servers are needed? Which roles will be combined?
    • Which edition of Windows Server will be used for each server (e.g., Standard, Data)?
    • Should servers be virtualized using Hyper-V?
    • Where will each of the servers be located (which of the two sites)?
    • How will the servers be deployed?
  2. DNS
    • DNS namespace design (e.g., domain name[s] chosen split DNS for internet/intranet, zones)
    • How will DNS be handled for the second site?
  3. Active Directory
    • Number of AD domains and names of those domains
    • Will there be any Read-Only Domain Controllers?
    • How will the second site factor into domain controller placement? How will AD sites be configured?
  4. File and Printer Sharing
    • What shares might be needed? (Consider some of the reasoning supplied in the relevant chapter of the textbook.)
    • How will quotas/FSRM be configured? (Consider all aspects, such as thresholds, altering, file screens, and reporting.)
    • Will a DFS namespace be implemented?

Your submission will:

  • Be in written format, 6-8 pages in length (not counting diagrams).
  • Include at least one diagram illustrating your chosen Active Directory design with DNS namespace hierarchy.
  • Cite and discuss no fewer than three credible sources, other than course readings and mediaWorldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI), a new advertising firm, has hired you as an IT consultant. WAI is


currently hiring staff and establishing two locations, and they also have a need to get their internal IT


services configured. The firm does not yet have an IT staff, but when they do, that staff will take over all


aspects of IT administration.


You are required to supply WAI with a solution that describes the implementation and configuration of


their core IT services. The cost of the implementation is not expected to exceed the company’s budget,


so it does not have to be considered in this solution. WAI wants to implement a solution that will meet


the company’s needs for the next two to three years.


There are several details about WAI that will have an impact on your choices:


1. WAI will start with 300 employees in the following departments:


a. Executives (10 employees) – Manage and run the company


b. Accounts and Sales Department (150 employees) – Perform market research and maintain




c. Creative, Media, and Production Department (100 employees) – Advertising


d. Human Resources and Finances (30 employees) – Perform HR and financial duties


e. IT (10 employees) – Manage IT for the company


2. WAI will have two sites, one in Los Angeles and one in New York. Most staff will be located in


Los Angeles, with at least one person from each of the departments above located in New York




3. Networking equipment is already in place for both sites. A secure tunnel (using IPSec) will be


established between the two sites so that inter‐site traffic can be securely tunneled over the


internet. You may make whatever other assumptions you wish about intra‐ and inter‐site




4. Security mechanisms (e.g., firewalls, intrusion detection) will be handled separately, and there is


no need to describe them.


5. Some departments will want their data to remain private from other departments (e.g.,


Finances personnel will not want Production staff to see the company’s financial details). Your


team may make assumptions about how data should be shared or kept private.


6. Assumptions can be made regarding any information not included here; however, all

assumptions should be identified.

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