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Part 1: Progress Note

Using the client family from your Week 3 Practicum Assignment, address in a progress note (without violating HIPAA regulations) the following:

  • Treatment modality used and efficacy of approach
  • Progress and/or lack of progress toward the mutually agreed-upon client goals (reference the treatment plan for progress toward goals)
  • Modification(s) of the treatment plan that were made based on progress/lack of progress
  • Clinical impressions regarding diagnosis and or symptoms
  • Relevant psychosocial information or changes from original assessment (e.g., marriage, separation/divorce, new relationships, move to a new house/apartment, change of job)
  • Safety issues
  • Clinical emergencies/actions taken
  • Medications used by the patient, even if the nurse psychotherapist was not the one prescribing them
  • Treatment compliance/lack of compliance
  • Clinical consultations
  • Collaboration with other professionals (e.g., phone consultations with physicians, psychiatrists, marriage/family therapists)
  • The therapist’s recommendations, including whether the client agreed to the recommendations
  • Referrals made/reasons for making referrals
  • Termination/issues that are relevant to the termination process (e.g., client informed of loss of insurance or refusal of insurance company to pay for continued sessions)
  • Issues related to consent and/or informed consent for treatment
  • Information concerning child abuse and/or elder or dependent adult abuse, including documentation as to where the abuse was reported
  • Information reflecting the therapist’s exercise of clinical judgment

Part 2: Privileged Note

Based on this week’s readings, prepare a privileged psychotherapy note that you would use to document your impressions of therapeutic progress/therapy sessions for your client family from the Week 3 Practicum Assignment.

In your progress note, address the following:

  • Include items that you would not typically include in a note as part of the clinical record.
  • Explain why the items you included in the privileged note would not be included in the client family’s progress note.
  • Explain whether your preceptor uses privileged notes. If so, describe the type of information he or she might include. If not, explain why.

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