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Part 1

Writeinstructions for a 1- to 2-page handout that explains how to create a table in Microsoft ®Word (whatever version you have) and how to add and delete columns and rows from an existing table.


Includethe following in your instructional handout:


  • Summary of the program and version of the program you are using


  • Design that reveals to the reader how your information is organized


  • Effective use of blank space


  • Organized and consistent design of active space


  • Illustrations taken from screenshots or a snipping tool that are appropriately cited (Check the Microsoft ®website for the wording that must accompany the use of its software images.)


  • Titled and numbered illustrations that are referred to in the instructions


Continueto develop the characteristics of good writing, and proofread your document for common errors using Appendix A as a guide.


Part 2

Createa style sheet listing the type and sizes of font you are using in your final project manual.


Includethe font type and size for the following in your style sheet list:

  • Title
  • Headers
  • Footer
  • Headings
  • Text
  • Other elements of your manual

Peer Review


Your instructor will assign you to a Learning Team for this Week Four assignment.


Submityour style sheet to your Learning Team.


Reviewthree of your team member's styles sheets by answering the following questions:

  • Are styles of font and size present for all the elements of a manual such as title, headers, and so forth?
  • Do the selected styles support the readability of the final document?

Providefeedback to your team members.


Incorporatefeedback on your own stylesheet.


Submityour style sheet to your instructor as a Microsoft ®Word document.

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