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Question 1
The extent to which others in the same situation behave in the same way is known as:
A. consistency.
B. consensus.
C. distinctiveness.
D. stress.

Question 2
Which of the following statements BEST describes the general relationship between stress and performance?
A. As stress increases, performance will decrease.
B. As performance increases, so does stress.
C. As stress increases, performance will increase for a time.
D. As stress increases, job satisfaction will decrease.

Question 3
__________ thinking allows people to see similarities between situations or events.
A. Differentiated
B. Divergent
C. Convergent
D. Creative


Question 4
Unions usually bargain for retirement packages and good medical plans. Recently they have negotiated for advance notice of plant closings. What need level from Maslow's hierarchy do these demands represent?
A. Physiological
B. Esteem
C. Belongingness
D. Security

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