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Question 1
If you accept a position with an organization that promises you advancement opportunities, the organization is providing:
A. competencies.
B. psychological contracts.
C. inducements.
D. tangibles.


Question 2
A person's range of interests is captured in the personality trait of:
A. self-efficacy.
B. openness.
C. self-monitoring.
D. risk propensity.


Question 3
A supervisor who experiments with new ideas, takes a chance with new products, and leads his or her department in new directions has high:
A. locus of control.
B. self-esteem.
C. risk propensity.
D. competencies.


Question 4
If you admire your CEO but find out there were questionable accounting practices under his watch, you might blame only the CFO because of:
A. selective perception.
B. perception.
C. objective reality.
D. stereotyping.

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