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. In an article about your organization you read a fact that you think is wrong. In further investigation you discover this information is also posted on your website. You can trace the material back to a 1997 annual report where the information was reported that year and was true, however, in 2014 this information is now incorrect.

2. You are the chairperson of an awards ceremony. You have notified the finalists but the policy of the event is to announce the winners the night of the event. A colleague calls and tell you they want to bring their boss, but only if they are the winner.

3. You are part of a decision-making team at your work to buy a new piece of expensive equipment. One of the manufacturers representatives is your future in-law,  who recently loaned you and your future spouse a down payment for a home. 

4. You meet a friend at a public hearing and your are introduced to several colleagues prior to the evening. One of these people brags to you they are being paid to speak for an issue that night, or they would not be there. Many people speak for the issue clearly making an impact on the city council.

Compare each problem to the PRSA code of ethics.    

http://www.prsa.org/AboutPRSA/Ethics/CodeEnglish/#.VByj4UsVyoI (Links to an external site.)

From the PRSA code of ethics describe what core value(s) are in issue?

Based on the Authur Page Principles ( Page 115 or of your book)  review the issue and discuss how these principles might have prevented the issue and could work toward correcting the issue.

Imagine now that you are the PR practitioner assigned to resolve this issue.

Select ethical principles to guide your decision making.

What steps would you take to correct this problem?

Be prepared to share your case in class and explain what you found. This is an informal presentation to the class. No visuals are required. 

This is the page frome the book .


Arthur W. Page practiced seven principles of public relations 

management as a means of implementing his philosophy.

Tell the truth. Let the public know what’s happening and provide an 

accurate picture of the company’s character, ideals and practices.

Prove it with action. Public perception of an organization is 

determined 90 percent by what it does and 10 percent by what 

it says.

Listen to the customer. To serve the company well, understand 

what the public wants and needs. Keep top decision makers and 

other employees informed about public reaction to company 

products, policies and practices.

Manage for tomorrow. Anticipate public reaction and eliminate 

practices that create difficulties. Generate goodwill.

Conduct public relations as if the whole company depends on 

it. Corporate relations is a management function. No corporate 

 strategy should be implemented without considering its impact 

on the  public. The public relations professional is a policymaker capable of  handling a wide range of corporate communications 


Realize a company’s true character is expressed by its people. 

The strongest opinions—good or bad—about a company are 

shaped by the words and deeds of its employees. As a result, every 

employee—active or retired—is involved with public relations. It 

is the responsibility of corporate communications to support each 

employee’s capability and desire to be an honest,  knowledgeable 

ambassador to customers, friends, shareowners and public officials.

Remain calm, patient and good-humored. Lay the ground-

work for public relations miracles with consistent and reasoned 

attention to information and contacts. This may be difficult with 

today’s contentious 24-hour news cycles and endless number 

of watchdog organizations. But when a crisis arises, remember, 

cool heads communicate best.

Courtesy Arthur W. Page Society. From www.awpagesociety. 


com/about/the-page-principles (April 2012).

Ethics Review Ethics Review
Criteria Ratings Pts
Your explanations explain the PRSA core value(s) in question.
Full Marks5 pts No Marks0 pts
5 pts
Based on the Authur Page Priniciples your explanation offers how this set of values might be used to resolve these issues.
Full Marks5 pts No Marks0 pts
5 pts
You have provided a thoughtful plan to resolve these issues.
Full Marks5 pts No Marks0 pts
5 pts
You have used correct spelling and grammar.
Full Marks5 pts No Marks0 pts
5 pts
Total Points: 20 

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