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Question 1
In the Runkel and McGrath framework, Internet-based data are classified according to:
A. whether they are descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive. 
B. whether they are primary or secondary. 
C. whether the source of the data was aware and who collected the data 
D. whether the data was collected for product-centered or competition-centered decision making.

Question 2
Analyzing the contents of online “shopping carts” is an example of which class of Internet-based data sources?
A. Respondent unaware 
B. Researcher hidden 
C. Recorder archival 
D. Respondent aware

Question 3
One way the author of this textbook recommends to effectively manage credibility concerns with online information is to:
A. only visit Internet sites that are recommended by your superiors. 
B. only use information from sites that are regulated by the FCC. 
C. combine online and offline aspects of business research. 
D. combine primary and secondary information sources.

Question 4
Which of the following online research activities endangers a respondent’s privacy?
A. Focus groups 
B. Online surveys 
C. Listservs 
D. E-mail

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