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1. (TCO 7) Which of the following is an advantage of creating modular code? 
The amount of time required to code a program decreases.
The amount of required code increases.
Many people can work on related modules at the same time.
The time it takes code to execute decreases.

2. (TCO 8) When we pass a variable by reference, any changes that the procedure makes to the variable will _____. 

change the value in the original variable
change the value inside the called function/sub procedure only
change the address of the variable
not make any significant changes

3. (TCO 8) Which part of a function or sub procedure declaration statement is optional? 

Procedure name
Body code

4. (TCO 7) A variable that can be used only by the module where it is declared is called a _____. 

local variable
global variable
static variable
None of the above




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