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Question 1
The first stage in the business research process is:
A. data collection. 
B. plan development. 
C. diagnostic. 
D. defining the question.

Question 2
The first purchase momentum is calculated during the __________ stage.
A. diagnostic 
B. data collection 
C. data analysis 
D. plan development

Question 3
The complexity of the data on the Internet and the fast pace of online commercial activity have made which of the following decisions regarding the business research framework valuable?
A. Gathering primary data over secondary data 
B. Conducting qualitative research instead of quantitative 
C. Having an outside research firm conduct the research instead of conducting it within the company 
D. Relying more on internal data sources than external

Question 4
__________ is the use of often-sophisticated software tools to elicit patterns and impose order on sets of information.
A. Sampling 
B. Web analytics software 
C. Listserv 
D. Data mining

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