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In general, you are doing a critique and analysis of each film. Here are some things to consider
and include. Include in your presentation. 2-3 pages, double spaced.
• What is the ‘story’ of the film – give a synopsis
• List the main characters and provide a brief plot outline. Then address the theme or
themes that you noted while watching.
• What kinds of identities are portrayed in the film?
• What are the meanings that those identities carry in the society portrayed by the film?
• What are the aspects of the film that relate to diversity, equity or inclusion – did
the film address issues of race, gender issues, religious issues, age discrimination,
physical or mental abilities – or other differences?
• What are the lessons?
• What did you learn?
• Include a few paragraphs on how the movie made you feel.
o Were you angry, sad, surprised, sympathetic or amused?
• Do you think the film was made to make you feel these feelings?
• Was there an obvious conflict addressed by the film?
o What was the resolution?
• Was a problem solved in a way that satisfied all parties?
• Was violence depicted? – If so, were there better ways of resolving the conflict?
• Could you imagine yourself in a situation like the one depicted in the film? How would
you have reacted?
• Critique the film from different perspectives; for example, what do you perceive to be
the perspective of each of the key players and how does this insight help deepen your
understanding of the film?
• What might have motivated the author/director of this film?
• What has been the impact of this film on society or social constructs?
• What has been the critique of this film?
• What has been the impact of this film on you.

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