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Question 1
__________ is the process of determining which people will enter what occupations through tracking and placing select students in "ability groups" and "advanced" classes.
A. Mainstreaming
B. Gatekeeping
C. Social integration
D. The hidden curriculum

Question 2
In the United States, what single factor determines who attends college more than any other?
A. Standardized test scores
B. Family background
C. High school rank
D. Age at application

Question 3
What is the primary purpose sociologists study religion?
A. To determine which religions are genuine and which are cults.
B. To evaluate the truth of a religion's teachings.
C. To study the role religion plays in people's lives.
D. To seek proof that some religions are better than others.

Question 4
The crescent moon and stars are to Muslims as the __________ is to the Jews.
A. Star of David
B. eight-spoked wheel
C. cross
D. cow

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