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Joseph is a 12 year old boy and his observation takes place in his English class. 

Diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD

Antecedent: Missed Medication

Behavior definition: Speaking out of term and out of seat 

For bar graph 

Antecedent: demand situation

                     Teacher Talking to class 

                     Attention given to others 

                     Board partially erased 

                     Peer said "knock it off"

Behaviors:    Speaking out of term and out of seat


Consequences: Verbal redirection 

                           Social attention 

                           Physically guided to comply

                            Task was removed

                           Peer said"Knicks it off "

                           Sent to principle's office 


Write Joseph's FBA and BIP

1. Behavior definition

2. Functions of his behavior

3. Hypothesis if the behavior 

4. What functional behaviors that Joseph has that May serve as replacement behavior

5. What functional behaviors That need to be taught to replace the problem behavior

What kind of reinforcers that can be useful in his behavior plan.

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