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Question 1
A supervisor's use of coercion also involves the:
A. use of distortion.
B. use of extinction.
C. use of positive reinforcement.
D. loss of leadership.


Question 2
What approach to identifying a leader are you using if you vote for a politician based on his or her communication skills, intelligence, education, and assertiveness?
A. Fiedler's contingency
B. Vroom's decision tree approach
C. Path-goal theory
D. Trait


Question 3
Which of the following is a situational leadership model?
A. Trait approach
B. Path-goal theory
C. Ohio State studies
D. Leadership Grid


Question 4
__________ leadership is a contemporary perspective that focuses on a leader's personality and ability to inspire loyalty and enthusiasm.
A. Charismatic
B. Entrepreneurial
C. Symbolic
D. Integrative

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