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Need by 29 Oct 2015 by 2300hrs EST in 400-600 words


Although companies do usually train Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) initially, technology changes and certain best practices are further developed in a company, prompting refresher courses and retraining or additional training that may be necessary. Since training can be expensive for companies to conduct between CSRs having to be taken out of the office, and training facilitators, facilities etc., companies want to know that their investment in their training of the CSRs has been effective and cost efficient.


The skills and competencies of CSRs are myriad and are helpful in communicating in your personal and professional life. Developing customer service skills can also help you in interviews and on the job no matter what department or functional area you work in.


Topic 1: Training to Correct a CSR Interaction (in 200-300 words)  


Based on a negative customer service experience of your own or someone you know you will examine the steps necessary in the process to train CSRs to improve the customer experience that you initially practiced in the Learning Activity  (Tab 5-Complete the Activity-Training Steps) .


Use a negative customer service experience you have had or someone you know has experienced.


  • Explain the situation, and define the problem concerning the customer experience using your CSR Tool Belt.
  • Create CSR training steps to retrain the CSR(s) from the negative experience you shared, using your CSR Tool Belt. Explain how you would ensure the training was beneficial.


  • Respond per the Syllabus guidelines.


Topic 2: Self-Assessment — What skills do I have? (in 200-300 words)


Do a self-assessment using the CSR general skills and the Stellar SkillsChecklist (attached below):


Some of the skills generally expected of CSRs:


Communication skills


Anger management skills


Networking skills


Negotiation skills


Relationship skills


Ability to multi-task


Listening skills


Problem-solving skills


Computer skills


What skills do you currently have and which do you need further help with (generally known in training as a skills or needs assessment)?

Share with your classmates those skills with which you believe you could use some help. If someone were to video you handling a customer service call what would be their suggestions for improvement? What touch points according to the Customer Experience Lifecycle would be the greatest test of those skills and why?


  • How might these skills also prove useful in a job interview? Explain.


Stellar Customer Service Skills.pdf(ATTACHED)


Need by 29 Oct 2015 by 2300hrs EST in 400-600 words


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