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1.  (TCO 9) Under most financial responsibility laws, an individual must prove financial responsibility:
in order to obtain a driver's license.
at the time of an accident in which he or she was at fault.
in order to register an automobile.
when he or she is held legally liable for an auto accident.
regardless of liability when involved in an accident in which there is bodily injury or property damage in excess of some specified amount.

2. (TCO 9) In most jurisdictions, a property owner owes the highest degree of care to:
a trespasser.
a social guest.
a licensee.
an invitee.
the degree of care owed is the same to all.


3. (TCO 9) Legal liability is imposed by the courts when it has been established that:
there was actual damage or loss.
there was negligence.
the negligence was the proximate cause of the damage or loss.
there are no defenses that relieve the negligent party.
all of the above.


4. (TCO 9) The definition of "persons insured" Homeowner’s Section II includes:
only the named insured.
the entire family except children away from home at school.
all persons living on the premises.
the named insured and spouse, and other resident relatives in the household.
employees of the insured except while operating vehicles.

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