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SummaryFor this summary, you will have to provide 2 images.

One image from the textbook in Chapter 3 only; not from chapter 2.

One image of your own choice from the San Diego Museum of Art's website: https://www.sdmart.org/collections/

For each image, include the following information in "bullet" format (cut and paste the items below to use as your template):

Artwork information:

Artist name

Name of the artwork


Medium (what it's made of....oil paint, charcoal, etc)

Attach the image

 Style of Representation: these are the general forms/styles of representation, or how art “looks”. Describe how it qualifies according to one of the styles.  You must describe details of the artwork; anything from color, texture, flat areas, 3-D areas, size, etc-- to back up your choice of style.  (Please look to the textbook to define and describe the following terms)

                  •    Abstract

                  •    Representational or Naturalistic: Idealized, Expressionist, Surreal

                  •    Non-representational

7.   FORMAL ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES OF COMPOSITION: Identify the artwork in regards to the noticeable   elements & principles with your new vocabulary; you  don't need to address ALL of the elements/principles, just the ones that are dominant. Remember, now that we have a list of things to look for, we can identify them more easily.  You MUST use the correct vocabulary (from the textbook) in order to earn credit.

FORMAL ELEMENTS: line, light and value, color, texture and pattern, shape and volume, space, time and motion, chance, improvisation and spontaneity.

PRINCIPLES OF COMPOSITION: balance, rhythm, proportion and scale, emphasis, unity and variety.

Failure to provide all of the information above will result in loss of credit. Do not upload a document file.

REQUIRED:  provide the information in the numbered format above.



Provide the information in the numbered format above.

CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade.  If you do not cite, it will "appear" that plagiarism is taking place. 

Limit your Summary to one page. Exceeding WILL result in a grade drop.

Must be submitted as a pdf file.

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