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Please post at least one current event article or short video clip response each week.  Please post the link with a brief summary.  If you are summarizing a video, please post the title and summarize the main topic.  You may also share a link with a video you find elsewhere.

Please Note: The articles should tie in with the unit of development. 

Additional Note:  You are free to pull from the online textbook resources and discuss a theory or idea.  You are welcome to include your thoughts or experiences.

In addition to posting an interesting link, please post a reply to another students post.  

I am looking for a minimum of 10 posts per unit, and a total of 30 posts per student (For Example: 15 articles; 15 reactions).  

Each discussion post is worth 6.66

You may use newspaper articles, journal articles, internet sources, etc.

Useful sites:

Scientific Journals




Science Daily

Please feel free to post an article or video response.

Unit I

Prenatal through Early Child 

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  Biological Beginnings

Chapter 3:  Physical/Cognitive Devevlopment Infancy

Chapter 4:  Socioemotional Development Infancy

Chapter 5:  Physical/Cognitive Early Childhood

Chapter 6:  Socioemotional Early Childhood

************************ Student Response #1 ***************************

https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180405150050.htm This article is very interesting. It is about a study stating that some mental illnesses could come from a gene mutation, erbB4 this gene helps different brain regions communicate. They did an experiment on mice it showed that mice without the erbB4 gene had brain regions that acted individually rather than together. In conclusion they determined that erbB4 is needed to link 2 brain sections so that the person can maintain attention. This is a wonderful study, they are getting closer to understanding how the brain works and therefore will hopefully be able to develop a drug that will target helping both sides of the brain to work together.

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