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This assignment is broken into 5 parts that are spaced out into different modules. For complete assignment instructions, view the resource, "CLC: Exercise #3: Between-Subject Designs."


Psychology students need to learn how to look at each factor within a study and the interaction between those factors. This assignment will assist students in learning how to understand this concept:


1)      For this assignment, you will test the following hypotheses:

a)      Frequent users of Facebook will have a significantly different level of self-esteem than infrequent users of Facebook.

i)        Definition of Frequent users- spend 2 hours a day on Facebook.

ii)      Definition of Infrequent users- spend less than 2 hours a day on Facebook.


2)      Module 2: Part I – Survey

a)      Each team member will access and complete the “Facebook Survey.” Save the survey results for the next part of this assignment.


3)      Module 4: Part II – Data Collection

a)      Collect data from the surveys of each team member:

b)      Locate all the answers to the questions specifically about self-esteem:

i)        Self-esteem Question #s-

(1)   5,6,12,13,14,15,16,20,21,22

c)      Hold onto the survey results for the next part of the assignment.


4)      Module 6: Final Study

a)      Part III –T-Test

i)        As a team, you will use data you compiled (means from the average scores- self-esteem questions only) from the surveys to calculate a T-test on the two groups:

(1)   Frequent users of Facebook- separate mean

(2)   Infrequent users of Facebook. – separate mean


b)      Part IV – F-Ratio

i)        Use the data you compiled from the surveys to calculate an F- ratio on the 4 groups (4 means to calculate):

(1)   Male- Frequent/Infrequent-separate means

(2)   Female- Frequent/Infrequent- separate means

[If your group consists of members of the same sex, then use ages to separate the groups: For instance, “under-30, over-30, etc.”]


c)      Part V–Compile the team’s final results into a study (750-1,000 words) detailing the steps of the assignment. Include in your study:


i)        Introduction- Briefly explain the reason for the study. Include the hypothesis and how it was tested.

ii)      Method- briefly explain how the experiment was conducted:

(1)   Participants- How many? What were the relevant characteristics (male/female, ages, etc.)?

(2)   Instrument- Briefly explain the survey used to compile the data.

iii)    Procedure- Were there groups? How was data compiled? How was the data measured? Make sure you clarify the study for the reader.

iv)    Results- Record the mean differences on how you scored on self-esteem in these different groups. How did you personally score on self-esteem?

(1)   Include the T-test

(2)   Include the F-ratio

v)      Discussion: Include interpretation of results, ethical concerns, limitations of study, and suggestions for future research.

(1)   Was the hypothesis supported?

(2)   What can you generalize from the study?

vi)    References- List all references of literature used for this study.


5)      Prepare the Final Studyportion of this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


6)      Submit the Final Studyassignment as one deliverable to the instructor by the end of Module 8.

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