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Choosing a healthy lifestyle, knowing how to seek medical care, and taking advantage of preventive measures require that people understand and use health information. The ability to obtain, process, and understand health information needed to make informed health decisions is known as health literacy.
Given the complexity of the healthcare system, it is not surprising that limited health literacy is associated with poor health.
Student should:
• Review the concept of health care literacy
• Review the problem background
• Populations affected
• Review relevant literature
• Discuss how health care literacy relates to the management of health conditions
• Recommend or propose solutions to the identified problem
Literature suggestions for review:
The student may choose from Healthy People 2020 topics

Introduction with thesis statement 5

Problem/Background 10
(Statement of problem)

Review of Literature 15

Related Medical Condition 15
(Provide an example of a specific medical condition
that can be effectively managed or impacted by
Health Literacy)

Proposed Solution to the Problem 10
(Proposed suggestions to address the problem)

Conclusion 5

Scholarly Source 5
(Two references required with a
minimum of 1 scholarly article)

APA Format 5
(In-text citations, Reference Page required)

Presentation using health literacy 30

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