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Question 1
A highly automated plant would generally have:
A. more variable than fixed costs.
B. more fixed than variable costs.
C. all fixed costs.
D. all variable costs.


Question 2
If a firm has fixed costs of $30,000, a price of $4, and a breakeven point of 15,000 units, the variable cost per unit is:
A. $5.
B. $2.
C. 50 cents.
D. $4.


Question 3
If a firm has fixed costs of $20,000, variable cost per unit of 50 cents, and a breakeven point of 5,000 units, the price is:
A. $2.50.
B. $5.
C. $4.
D. $4.50.


Question 4
If a firm has a price of $4, variable cost per unit of $2.50, and a breakeven point
,000 units, fixed costs are equal to:
A. $13,333.
B. $10,000.
C. $30,000.
D. $50,000.

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