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Adcox Advertising    
Diane Adcox has operated a sma advertising agency in charleston, south Carolina,for the past 
15 years. Her cients are primairly businesses located in the historic section of charleston.
It is now the end of her fiscal year and diane would like you to complete an accounting work sheet
to reflect her adjusted account balances. The unadjusted Trial Balance for Adcox Advertising Inc. 
is presented below.    
Adcox Advertising
Unadjusted Trial Balance
For the ear Ended December 31,2015
Trial Balance
Accounting Title Debit Credit
cash 63,500  
Marketable Securities  24,000  
Account Receivable 49,000  
Supplies 15,000  
Prepaid Rent  10,000  
Furniture & Fixtures 34,500  
Accumulated Deprecitation   800
Accounts Payable   1,500
Interest Payable    
Salaries Payable    
Unearned Revenue    9,000
Notes Payable Long Term   10,000
D.Adcox, capital   1,97,160
D.Adcox, Withdrwal 25,000  
Fees Earned   1,21,300
salaries expense 40,000  
utilities expense 14,400  
rent expense 60,000  
supplies expense 1,560  
depreciation expense 2,800  
Tota 3,39,760 3,39,760
Additional Information     
1. Additional Supplies used during the year amounted to $6500
2. $2350 on unearned service revenue was earned during the year.
3. Earned but unpaid salaries at year end amounted to $1350.
4. Interest expense of $220 was earned amounted not recorded.
5. Additional depreciation of $730 on the Furnitures and Fixures was not recorded.
6. $4,300 of prepaid rent was used up at year end.
1-      Prepare a ten-column accounting Trial Balance work sheet. (go to intermediate accounting book )
2-      Prepare a classified income statement, balance sheet,Reterned earning  
                               and statement of stock holders equity

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