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1. Which of these scenarios most clearly illustrates the concept of emotional labor?
A. Because she must smile all day while working as a sales clerk, Gloria loses touch with her actual emotional feelings.
B. Alvin experiences depression because, in order to feed his family, he feels compelled to work in a chemical plant that produces toxic waste.
C. As computerization allows Ed's manager more and more control over his work tasks, he feels more like machine part than a person.
D. Louise feels a loss of self-esteem as her nursing job demands more hours at less pay, thus cutting back on quality time with her children.

2. In Sweden, people pay high taxes. The majority of Swedes
A. have voted to pay the taxes and receive the benefits.
B. have immigrated to other countries to avoid paying high taxes.
C. resent this.
D. endorse high taxes because they're Communists.

3. Resource mobilization theory proposes that one of the sparks for turning perceived deprivation into a
social movement is
A. widespread anger.
B. absolute deprivation.
C. seething resentment.
D. organization.


4. Which of the following activities would not be an example of primary production? A. Hunting
B. Teaching
C. Mining
D. Farming

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