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1. Limited liability companies are unable to offer stock options or stock bonus incentives to their employees because ________.Answer 
a. benefits such as these are too costly for these types of startup companies 
b. extra profits are reinvested into the company, not into company stocks 
c. limited liability companies do not have shareholders or stock 
d. approval of stock benefits is difficult due to the number of members 

2. A(n) ________ occurs when there are many buyers and sellers and little differentiation between products, but perceived differences between products among consumers.
a. monopolistic competition 
b. monopoly 
c. oligopoly 
d. perfect competition 

3.An American businessperson who demonstrates sensitivity to and appreciation for Chilean culture possesses ________.Answer 
a. cross-cultural detachment 
b. cross-cultural awareness 
c. ethnocentrism 
d. cultural intervention 

4. Kyle has just accepted a job as an accountant for a large firm. He is deaf, so his employer is expected to accommodate Kyle's needs with some modified telephone equipment. These reasonable accommodations are legislated under the ________.Answer 
a. Civil Rights Act of 1964 
b. Americans with Disabilities Act 
c. Age Discrimination in Employment Act 
d. Discrimination Act of 1999 

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