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Question 1

"Formal proposals differ from informal proposals in


size and format.

emotional and rational appeals.

persuasive techniques used.

Question 2

"Unsolicited proposals should

not present a complete budget until after the proposal has been accepted.

convince the reader that a problem exists.

use the language of the RFP or other announcement.

reveal every detail of your proposal.

Question 3

"To avoid sounding repetitious in a formal business report,

vary your presentation of the information slightly.

do not include information that has been presented elsewhere.

skip the introduction if it contains information that has been presented elsewhere. 

word the information in exactly the same way you did in a previous section of the report.

Question 4

"Proposals are

written offers to solve problems, provide services, or sell equipment.

a critical means of selling equipment and services for many companies.

solicited by both government agencies and private businesses.

all of these choices.

Question 5

"The budget included in a proposal

is tentative and may be modified later.

represents a contract.

should be open-ended for acceptance.

should not include a deadline for acceptance because doing so might seem too pushy.

Question 6

"The longest and most substantive section of a formal business report is the

executive summary.




Question 7

"The section of a formal business report that makes precise suggestions for actions to solve the report problem is the





Question 8

"The best advice for preparing a formal business report is to

collect data and write the report at the same time.

record ideas quickly and save revision until after the first draft is completed.

complete the hardest sections first to gain a sense of accomplishment.

use the same verb tense throughout the report for consistency.

Question 9

"Jill wants to write a persuasive business plan. What government agency will give her the most useful advice for writing the plan?

Internal Revenue Service

Small Business Administration          

Securities and Exchange Commission

Department of Homeland Security

Question 10

"The letter of transmittal and/or executive summary of a business plan should

include a concise mission statement for your business.

provide your name and contact information.

describe your business, explaining the reasons it will succeed.

All of these choices.

Question 11

"The actual proposal section of a proposal must

describe the credentials and expertise of the project leaders.

identify the resources you will use, including computer facilities.

tell what you propose to do and how it will benefit the reader.

All of these choices.

Question 12

"Which of the following appears in the market analysis section of a business plan?

A discussion of barriers to entry

An overview of complementary products and services

A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors

All of these choices

Question 13

"In an introduction to a formal report, what section identifies who commissioned the report?





Question 14

"In the introduction section of a proposal, which of the following would be the best way to persuade the receiver to read the rest of the proposal?

Mention a remarkable resource available exclusively to you.

Present a detailed budget that shows a low overall cost.

Give the background and credentials of everyone who will be working on the project.

Provide a timetable for all activities.

Question 15

"An abstract included with a formal proposal is typically

one page long.

three to four pages long.

five to six pages long.

up to 10 percent of the original text.

Question 16

"Which part of a formal business report contains the report title, the name of the person receiving the report, the author's name, and the date of submission?

Report cover

Title page

Table of contents

Executive summary

Question 17

"Lydia's report contains sensitive topics that may upset her readers. What type of heading should she use in her formal business report?

Graphic headings

Functional headings

Talking headings

She should omit headings altogether.

Question 18

"Which of the following components is typically included in a formal proposal but is optional in an informal proposal?



Authorization Request

Table of Contents

Question 19

"The section of a formal business report that tells what the findings mean is the





Question 20

"Jacqueline must send the same formal report to several readers.

What should she do?

Send the same letter of transmittal to all readers.

Omit the letter of transmittal.

Prepare a special letter of transmittal for each, anticipating how each reader will use the report.

Include a letter of transmittal for only the primary reader.



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