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Write from the perspective of a daughter whose mother is a socialite from Indonesia. The paper should be neutral.  Don’t make her sound like a rich spoilt kid but instead make her sound wise and inform ed.

Perspective of a daughter whose mother is a socialite from Indonesia

Firstly, Write from the of a daughter whose mother is a socialite from Indonesia.

Secondly, The paper should be neutral.  Don’t make her sound like a rich spoilt kid but instead make her sound wise and inform ed.

Thirdly, Make it sound entertaining, funny, sarcastic and satirical yet intelligent.

Fourthly, Be candid – it has to sound like she “telling the truth”

Talk about her mother’s experiences into getting invite d into events like galas. Talk about the glitz and the glam, the way people dress ed, the things they talk ed about, the judgement, the kind of food that were serve d, discuss the kind of atmosphere, the ambience of the galas.

Front row seats runway shows with friends.

Getting invited to sotheby’s fine & antique jewellery auctions.

Charity work for autism – mother donated money, and asked her daughter to walk down a runway show with her for the charity show.

Getting invite d to channel haute joillerie in Singapore. Talk about the luxurious service – stayed in the capella hotel in Singapore. Given a team of makeup artist to do our makeup using exclusively channel’s makeup and then talk about the actual event. people from around the world got invite d and meeting important people like the head designer of channel’s jewellery line, meeting the owner of an NBA team.


More details:

Talk about her mother’s friends. Where they hung out, what they are like in terms of what they wear and their appearances (get down to the details – they wear branded Japanese clothing brand, Louis Vuitton skirt, Hermes crocodile skin birkin bag, bvlgari ring or custom made one of a kind rings and earrings, richard mille diamond watches, stacks of van cleef & arpels bracelet, diamond tennis bracelets)

Discuss about what they gossip about.

Friends who wear fake branded bags and clothes.

Write short brief story about the disastrous love life of her mother’s friend, (marriage to a man who has a mistress (talk about how she isn’t willing to get a divorce due to shame and family embarrassment)

Tell a short story about how a far relative daughter who was born from one of the first chinese-indonesian business pioneer got “murder ed” but in reality she commit ed suicide by jumping off a balcony but because they knew people would talk they had to hide the truth from the public.

Discuss the daughter’s emotions on this, go deep into her thought on this matter.

Talk extensively about the daughter’s perspective, emotions and thoughts of growing up with a mother who’s a socialite and a wealthy family.

That growing up it was never explicitly told that her mother is a socialite but as she grew up she knew that that is her reality.

Discuss the pros and cons of having a mother who is a socialite.

Talk extensively about the pressure of because of her socialite mother. Also because of her family’s wealth and power. Keep an image and a reputation.

Discuss that it isn’t all glam that it’s sometimes fill ed with evil, deceit and secrets.


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