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During Week 1 of the course, you will be selecting the bank of your choice in a non-graded discussion topic. The selections are on a first-come, first-served basis, so until you have signed up for your bank, and are sure that no one has chosen the same bank, do not start working on this course project! From there, you will

access the financial actuals. That is, historical financial data for the past five years for the bank of your choice, as well as your banks competitor.
This may be taken from the commercial banks web site, or from the SEC web site.
develop a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet model using data given in the Statement of Financial Position. This should include
the balance sheet;
income statement; and
five to 10 common industry-specific financial ratios for both your selected commercial bank and its competitor.
given your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and the information it yields, write a report which discusses your commercial banks strengths and weaknesses.
This report must be written using the Microsoft Word 2007.
access the prevailing rates set by the Federal Reserve Board.
Prepare a chart and analyze your selected commercial banks historical profitability with the Federal Reserve interest rates over the past five years.
Discuss how these rates affected your banks profitability.
read the Annual Report of your selected commercial bank. Answer and discuss the following:
What is the announced mission, and future direction, as stated by the banks Chief Executive Officer?
Is your commercial bank in a good financial position to achieve those objectives?
prepare a forecast of your selected banks projected profitability (You forecast this!).
Assume that the Federal Reserve Board holds the interest rates as is or constant.
Discuss the impact this constant interest rate would have on three years of your banks profitability.
submit both the Microsoft Word 2007 document, as well as a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet files, in Week 7 to your dropbox. All the work should be properly cited in your paper per Keller policy, and a reference page should be included at the end of your Word document.

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