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Question 1
The theory that assumes that people make choices from among alternative plans of behavior based on their perceptions of the relationship between a given behavior and desired outcomes is __________ theory.
A. two-factor
B. equity
C. reinforcement
D. expectancy


Question 2
What is the most important idea for managers to remember from equity theory?
A. Over-rewarded employees perform best.
B. Under-rewarded employees perform best.
C. For rewards to motivate employees, employees must perceive them as being fair.
D. Employees must consider their inputs equal to the inputs of their "comparison other."

Question 3
A supervisor who experiments with new ideas, takes a chance with new products, and leads his or her department in new directions has high:
A. locus of control.
B. self-esteem.
C. risk propensity.
D. competencies.

Question 4
The extent to which others in the same situation behave in the same way is known as:
A. consistency.
B. consensus.
C. distinctiveness.
D. stress.

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