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1-Consider a zero-coupon bond with a $1000 face value and 10 years left until maturity. If the YTM of this bond is 10.4%, then the price of this bond is closest to:

2-Use the following information to answer the question(s) below. Suppose the current zero-coupon yield curve for risk-free bonds is as follows: The price per $100 face value of a three-year, zero-coupon, risk-free bond is closest to:

3-Use the information for the question(s) below. The Sisyphean Company has a bond outstanding with a face value of $1000 that reaches maturity in 15 years. The bond certificate indicates that the stated coupon rate for this bond is 8% and that the coupon payments are to be made semiannually. How much will each semiannual coupon payment be?

4-Consider the following investment alternatives:
Investment               compounding
A            6.25%       annually
B-           6.10%         daily
C-           6.125          quarterly
D-            6.120           monthly   
1-Which alternative offers you the lowest effective rate of return?
Investment A  
Investment B  
Investment C  
Investment D

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