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1.      Explain "special needs" offenders.

2.      What effects have public fears had on the treatment of sex offenders?

3.      Differentiate between date rape and campus gang rape.

4.      Does treatment for sex offenders work?

5.      Why are offenders with mental health disorders concentrated in correctional systems?




1.      Where was the first drug court, and why did the judge decide to create it?

2.      What is the primary difference between drug courts and family courts?

3.      Who is the target population for re-entry courts?

4.      What are the issues facing drug and other problem-solving courts?

5.      What are some of the steps that drug and other problem-solving courts can take to increase their effectiveness?

6.      What are some of the reasons that juvenile drug courts have not been as effective as their adult counterparts?



1.  Why did Phase I of the halfway house movement die in the 1930s?

2.  Explain the revival of the halfway house movement in the 1950s.

3.  Define residential community correctional center.

4.  What are some of the services offered by halfway houses?

5.  What are the advantages of halfway houses?

6.  What is "substance abuse?" Debate: is it a disease or a learned behavior?

7.  Define "reintegration" and discuss ways that halfway houses can lower crime.

8.  What are some of the criticisms of halfway houses?


9.  Describe the CBTCs that Ohio is in the process of developing.

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