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Question 1
Which of the following is NOT a content-related role of commercial Web sites?
A. Disabling transactions 
B. Building a corporate image 
C. Managing customer relationships 
D. Building brands

Question 2
Transaction-based sites include which of the following?
A. Sites that give customers detailed information about the corporation’s strategic focus 
B. Sites that provide FAQs, online manuals, and live customer support 
C. Sites that allow consumers to buy goods and services via the Internet 
D. Sites that inform customers about product rollouts and promotions

Question 3
Chat room and bulletin board links on a corporation’s home page are examples of which of the following online content-related sources?
A. Company-created 
B. Customer-created 
C. Government-created 
D. Competitor-created

Question 4
A downside to customer word-of-mouth as an established source of online Web page content is:
A. the potential for the “halo effect.” 
B. the lack of control that the organization can have over the content. 
C. the potential for the content to be syndicated. 
D. the unpredictability of the content.

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