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1. (TCO 8) When we pass a variable by reference, any changes that the procedure makes to the variable will _____. 
change the value in the original variable
change the value inside the called function/sub procedure only
change the address of the variable
not make any significant changes

2. (TCO 8) What is wrong with the following call statement and its corresponding sub statement? 
Call Statement: 
DayOfTheWeek(15, "June", 1902)
Sub Statement:
Sub DayOfTheWeek(ByVal var1 As Integer, ByVal var2 As String, ByVal var3 As String) 
Constant values like 1902 cannot be passed, only variables.
It is not valid to pass a value like "June."
var3 is not of the same data type as 1902.
Nothing is wrong with them.

3. (TCO 8) What changes are required in the following code so that the resulting output is as follows?
Expected Output:
num1 = 17
num2 = 7
Code: Sub Main()
Dim num1 As Integer = 16
Dim num2 As Integer = 6
Console.WriteLine("num1 = " & num1)
Console.WriteLine("num2 = " & num2)
End Sub
Sub AddOne(ByVal x As Integer)
x = x + 1
End Sub 
Change function declaration to: XXX XXXXXX(ByRef x As Integer).
Change function declaration to: XXX XXXXXX (ByVal x As Integer) As Integer.

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