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Question 1
Which is NOT an Internet-related benefit for business researchers?
A. The ability to gather related information across a wide array of sources 
B. The ability to rely on a single data source 
C. The ability to upgrade knowledge bases rapidly 
D. The ability to use Internet technology to integrate the results of market research with decision-making processes

Question 2
Internet business research activities and benefits are generally:
A. profit-oriented. 
B. news-oriented. 
C. problem-oriented. 
D. intelligence-oriented.

Question 3
Which of the following is an internal data source?
A. A customer service report 
B. An online survey 
C. A database of competitor profiles 
D. A list of industry patents

Question 4
The Internet’s role in developing internal and external data sources includes:
A. providing its own input. 
B. making decisions based on its output. 
C. interpreting the information it receives. 
D. collecting, organizing, and storing data and information.

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