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1. Which one of the following measures the amount of systematic risk present in a particular risky asset relative to that in an average risky asset? 
Squared deviation
Beta coefficient
Standard deviation

2. Sensitivity analysis: 
looks at the most reasonably optimistic and pessimistic results for a project.
helps identify the variable within a project that presents the greatest forecasting risk.
is used for projects that cannot be analyzed by scenario analysis because the cash flows are unconventional.
is generally conducted prior to scenario analysis just to determine if the range of potential outcomes is acceptable.
illustrates how an increase in operating cash flow caused by changing both the revenue and the costs simultaneously will change the net present value for a project.

3. A pro forma financial statement is a financial statement that: 
expresses all values as a percentage of either total assets or total sales.
compares actual results to the budgeted amounts.
compares the performance of a firm to its industry.
projects future years' operations.
values all assets based on their current market values.
4. A firm uses its weighted average cost of capital to evaluate the proposed projects for all of its varying divisions. By doing so, the firm:
automatically gives preferential treatment in the allocation of funds to its riskiest division.
encourages the division managers to only recommend their most conservative projects.
maintains the current risk level and capital structure of the firm.
automatically maximizes the total value created for its shareholders.
allocates capital funds evenly amongst its divisions

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