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  1. In Week One of this course, you were asked to find a child to observe. For this assignment, you will observe the child using the requirements below and summarize your observation. This can be done in one sitting, or it can be done in two since you will be conducting two different observations. Two is preferable for accuracy of assessment.  

    For the observation you will need to:
    1. Be sure you have the permission of the child’s parent.
    2. Exclude any identifying information for this child (e.g., last name).
    3. Follow the guidelines on pages 141-144 of the course text regarding behaviors during the visit (ethical conduct, avoiding personal bias, etc.).
    4. Be sure you have the appropriate materials ready:
      • You will need either a Running Record Formor an Anectodal Record Form, whichever you choose.  For this form, you will choose one developmental domain to observe (e.g., cognitive, physical, motor, or language).
      • You will need either a Time Sampling Formor an Event Sampling Form, whichever you choose.  For this form, you will choose one developmental domain to observe (e.g., cognitive, physical, motor, or language).
      • Example: Assessing “Bobby,” I would first observe his motor development using an Anecdotal Record Form.  In a different sitting, I would observe his cognitive development using an Event Sampling Form.
    For the assignment, you will need to include:
    1. A title page.
    2. A copy of the completed Running Record Form or Anecdotal Record Form (Remember, this should address one domain).
    3. A copy of the completed Time-Sampling Form or Event Sampling Form. (This should address a different domain.)
    4. A one- page summary of the observation(s).  In this summary, include: 
      • How you feel the observation went and why.
      • How receptive you feel the child was and why you feel that way. (If using one of the video options, state the reaction of the child upon being videotaped as you see it.)
      • The most challenging aspect of this observation.
      • The most enjoyable aspect of this observation.
      • What you learned from this experience.
      • What you would change next time.
    5. A one-page discussion providing some developmentally appropriate activities you might implement for this child in the classroom or daycare center to foster growth in each of the developmental domains you observed and why those activities are a good fit for this child.
    You must use at least one scholarly source in addition to the course text. Your two-page paper (not including title and reference pages) should be in proper 6th-edition APA format. Remember to submit two written pages, both observation forms, and your title and reference page in one document.

    Carefully review the  Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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