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Start from Week2_Part1.R script, change it according to your selected datset from Quiz2. 

Then submit to this link:

1. Your modified script.

2. A screenshot report showing the outputs from your rstudio after executing all activities.

Dataset :   https://github.com/jzadeh/aktaion2/tree/master/data 



# comments start with #

# to quit q()

# two steps to install any library





x <- 3 # x is a vector of length 1


v1 <- c(2,4,6,8,10)



v <- c(1:10) #creates a vector of 10 elements numbered 1 through 10. More complicated data



# Import test data


test1<-read.csv("yearly_sales.csv", sep=",")

test2<-read.table("yearly_sales.csv", sep=",")

write.csv(test2, file="out.csv")

# Write CSV in R

write.table(test1, file = "out1.csv",row.names=TRUE, na="",col.names=TRUE, sep=",")




head <- head(test)

tail <- tail(test)

cor(test$sales_total, test$num_of_orders)







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