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Accident Prevention Plan 


You are to complete an accident prevention plan for a company. The Complete list of content/sections to be covered is listed in the contents section below. The company profile, which you need to match to the content/sections, is listed in the company profile section below. The expected finished length of this assignment is from 75 to 100 pages. . Use MS Word or its equivalent. File formats that are acceptable for this assignment include: doc, docx, and pdf.


Body Text Size: All of the body text in this assignment needs to be set in 12-point size. Please resist the temptation to mix and match point sizes. If you doubt your applications intentions, just select your text and insure that it is in 12-point size.


Header Text Size: All of the header text in this assignment can be set in 14-point or 16-point size. Please resist the temptation to mix and match point sizes. Pick your text size and use it consistently throughout the assignment. If you doubt your applications intentions, just select your text and insure that it is in its chosen point size.


Double Spacing: For this assignment select all of your text and set it for double spacing. This includes the headers and body of your work. This allows space for marking up or making notes while I am reviewing what you have written. This also helps to make the document more readable. (The exception to the double spacing is the text on the title page.)


Page Margins: Set your pages to one-inch margins. One-inch margins mean one (1”) on all sides. The only text that ends up on the outside of the one-inch margin is the page number.


Title Page: This page will contain the title, “Accident Prevention Plan”, and the  name block. Place the title in the center, right to left and about one-third the way down the page.


Name Block: Place the name block in the center, right to left and about two- thirds the way down the page. Put your  name first , then the  class title  and then the  date . Example:

Your Name

TECH 462 –Industrial Safety Engineering

December 1, 2015


Spelling/Grammar Checking: Remember to do your spelling and grammar checking before turning your assignments in. When doing the spelling/grammar checking keep in mind that some words such as mush and must, woods and words, or here and cow, will not be caught by either check. To correct these problems, you will need to proofread your work.

Page Numbers: Any assignment that has more than one page, needs to have page numbers on it. Please place your page numbers on the bottom of the page. In MS Word, use the footer selection and place the page number  in  the  bottom   center  or  bottom right  of the page.

Content:  (Major Contents/Sections Check Off List)


___      1. Title Page

___      2. Table of Contents Page

___      3. Divider Pages

___      4. Introduction

  1. Purpose & Intentions
  2. Company Presidents Statement

___      5. Management Responsibilities

  1. Manager Responsibilities
  2. Supervisors Responsibilities

___      6. Employee Orientation

  1. How and When
  2. Emergency Action Plan
  3. Emergency Shutdown Procedures

___      7. Injury and Illness Procedures

  1. Procedures
  2. Record Keeping
  3. Supervisor Responsibilities
  4. Report Form

___      8. Incident/Accident Investigation Procedures

  1. Procedure Steps
  2. Worksheet Form
  3. Incident/Accident Table

___      9. Safety Guidelines

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Equipment Specific
  3. Individual Specific

___      10. Safety Disciplinary Policy


___      11. Safety Awareness Program

  1. Safety Committee
  2. Safety Meetings
  3. Safety Training and Forms
  4. Safety Award Program

___      12. Appendices

  1. MSDS
  2. State & Federal Posters
  3. OSHA Forms and Instructions


Company Profile:

Company Size: 350 employees

Company Product: Custom manufacture of industrial hardened computers (CPU, Keyboards, etc)

Processes at factory include:

            Circuit board assembly

            Circuit board production

            Metal case production

            Plastic forming processes

            Plastic pellet storage and transport to machines


Specific equipment in factory:

            Air compressor


            Electric forklift


            Metal punch presses

            Metal bending and cutting machines

            Plastic injection molding machines

            Plastic sheet forming equipment

            Shearing machine for sheet plastic


Safety Promotion Budget: $12,000 annually

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