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Question 1

"Programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter allow presenters to design ____, which can include sound, videos, and hyperlinks.

overhead transparencies

multimedia slides



Question 2

"Informal reports are written in a style that uses


third-person pronouns, such as the researcher and the writer.

passive-voice verbs.

All of these choices

Question 3

"Select the most accurate statement about proposals.

Most internal proposals are written in response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Most proposals are unsolicited.

Proposals are legal contracts.

Most proposals are internal.

Question 4

"Informational reports should be organized using which of the following patterns?

Introduction/problem, facts/findings, conclusions/recommendations, discussion/analysis   

Introduction/problem, conclusions/recommendations, facts/findings, discussion/analysis

Introduction/background, facts/findings, summary/conclusion

Summary/conclusion, introduction/background, facts/findings

Question 5

"Formal proposals differ from informal proposals in


size and format.

emotional and rational appeals.

persuasive techniques used.

Question 6

"The conclusions of a report

should be written using command language.

offer specific suggestions for actions that can solve a report problem.

should analyze information logically and show how the data answer questions and solve problems.

All of these choices

Question 7

Determine the mean of the numbers 30, 25, 25, 45, and 70.





Question 8

"The primary reason that management often requires trip, convention, and conference reports is to

get a thorough chronological list of everything that occurred during a trip, convention, or conference.      

determine whether the employee can be trusted to travel alone.

find out whether the organization's money was well spent in funding the travel.

gather material for press releases.

Question 09

"You want to be prepared if you are asked about your salary expectations during a job interview. What should you do?

Do research before the interview so that you know what similar jobs are paying in your geographic region.

Determine what you would like to earn per hour so that you can give an exact dollar amount when asked.

Create a budget that details your personal expenses so that you can show the employer exactly how much you need to earn to cover your bills.

All of these choices

Question 10

"An effective résumé style for job hunters who are afraid of appearing overqualified is the

scannable résumé.

functional résumé.

chronological résumé.

online résumé.

Question 11

"A good introductory paragraph for a business report should

preview the main points and the order in which they will be developed.

tell the purpose of the report.

describe the significance of the report topic.

All of these choices    

Question 12

"The first step in writing a report is to

prepare a work plan.

implement your research strategy.

analyze the problem or assignment clearly.

compose the first draft.

Question 13

"Which of the following appears in the market analysis section of a business plan?

A discussion of barriers to entry

An overview of complementary products and services

A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors

All of these choices

Question 14

"Shondra will graduate from college soon and is beginning the job search process. What should she do first?

Research salary, benefits, and job stability in a chosen field

Develop an effective résumé to be sent to prospective employers

Locate a specific job opening at a desirable company

Identify her interests and goals and evaluate her qualifications

Question 15

"Much of the information that allows decision makers to run their organizations effectively comes to them in the form of

Web searches.


Wikipedia entries.

employees' comments during meetings.

Question 16

Helpful previews, summaries, and transitions in an oral presentation are example of



verbal signposts.


Question 17

"An abstract included with a formal proposal is typically

one page long.

three to four pages long.

five to six pages long.

up to 10 percent of the original text.

Question 18

"Select the statement that best describes the summary of qualifications portion of a résumé.

Place the summary of qualifications at the bottom of your résumé to give it a strong ending.

A summary of qualifications makes your résumé easier to read.

Recruiters and hiring managers dislike the summary of qualification section because it adds to reading time.

Format the summary of qualifications section as one or two concise paragraphs.

Question 19

"What should you do after the interview?

Write a thank-you letter immediately.

Wait a few days to see if you hear from the employer; if not, write a thank-you letter.

Call the interviewer to thank him or her.

Send the interviewer flowers.

Question 20

"Because it quickly reveals a candidate's education and experience most recruiters favor a(n)

scannable résumé.

functional résumé.

chronological résumé.

online résumé.

Question 21

"Which of the following statements about employment trends in today's workplace is most accurate?

Companies today are employing more people in permanent positions.

Employees today can count on regular pay raises, promotions, and a comfortable retirement income.

Employees today must constantly upgrade their skills and retrain themselves to remain marketable.

Because new technologies can spring up overnight making today's skills obsolete, employers try to hire people into jobs with focused descriptions.

Question 22

"Short (eight or fewer pages) informal reports addressed outside an organization are usually presented in

memo format.

manuscript format.

letter format.

handwritten format.

Question 23

"Which of the following components is typically included in a formal proposal but is optional in an informal proposal?



Authorization Request

Table of Contents

Question 24

"For a job candidate, the job interview is an opportunity to

convince the employer of your potential and expand on information in your résumé. 

find out more about the job and whether it suits your career goals.

learn more about the company to decide whether you would fit into the company culture.

do all of these

Question 25

"Ged was interviewed by a team of five people for a management position. What type of hiring/placement interview is this?

Panel interview

Group interview

Stress interview

Sequential interview

Question 26

"The staffing section of an informal proposal may

credentials and expertise of project leaders

Size andqualification of support staff

Resources such as computer facilities

all may be included in the staffing section

Question 27

"Because it is the most remembered part of a speech, spend sufficient time making the ____ as effective as possible.




Power Point slide show

Question 28

"Shauna has interviewed several of her colleagues to gather their ideas for improving productivity. She now has raw verbal data to analyze. What is the best tool to analyze raw verbal data?

Pie chart


Line chart

Bar chart

Question 29

"Which of the following is a purpose of a customized cover letter?

Question 30

"Which of the following is a traditional job search technique?

Developing a network

Searching Career Builder and Hot Jobs

Visiting a company website to search for job openings

Checking LinkedIn or Face book

Question 31

"The letter of transmittal and/or executive summary of a business plan should

Include a concise mission statement for your business

Provide your name and contact information

Describe your business, explaining the reasons it will succeed

All of these choices

Question 32

"In which of the following situations should the direct pattern of organization be used for a business report?

When readers must be persuaded

When readers are unfamiliar with the problem

When readers may be disappointed or hostile toward the report’s findings

When readers are familiar with the topic

Question 33

"Team members determine whether the document or presentation is fulfilling its purpose and meeting the needs of the audience while

editing information


editing, rehearsing, and evaluating

planning the document or presentation.

Question 34

"Select the statement that most accurately describes references.

Include a list of references directly on the résumé.

Do not include personal or character references.

Companies generally check references before a job interview to learn about a candidate in advance

Be sure to add the statement References furnished upon request at the bottom of your résumé.

Question 35

"Keisha has been asked to give a presentation about a new method for processing customer returns. The first thing she should do is

develop an outline of the points she wants to cover in her presentation

prepare the visual aids she will use in delivering the presentation

determine the purpose of her presentation

write the text of her presentation

Question 36

"What question(s) should you ask about your audience to determine your pattern, delivery style, and supporting material?

What measures must I take to ensure that this audience members my main points?

How can I earn my audience’s respect so that the audience accept my message?

How will this topic appeal to this audience?

All of these choices

Question 37

"Effective interview preparation techniques include practicing answers to possible questions, preparing to explain problem areas on your résumé, deciding what to wear, and

Informing your current employer of your plans

Preparing success stories

Writing a resignation letter to your current supervisor

Purchasing a gift for the interviewer



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