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 The homework questions also attached in the word file(HW.docx) named HW. 

Answer the following questions BASED on ATTACHED files 

1-You are reviewing proposals submitted for the “Lambert Park Phase 2” project. Using the RFP evaluate 2 of the 4 proposals and score them on the evaluation sheet provided (separate excel file, ignore cost for this assignment).

                                                                                                      Company#1                   Company#2

Criteria                                                                max         score     commets     score     commets

                                                                                points        Co#1        Co#1          Co#2         Co#2 

Expertise, Experience & Training          25

Plus Prior Contracting History(25%) 

The expertise, experience and 

training of the proposer and its key

 personnel and previous experience 

with similar work in similar fields and

 qualifications and depth of the staff 

that will performthe work on this   

project.  This factor includes evaluation

of the proposer’s prior contracting history

, including the review of the proposer’s 

certifications relating to false claims,

debarment and civil litigation.

 Project Approach (40%) – The                     40

proposer’s responsiveness in developing

 a comprehensive plan while meeting 

regulatory requirements and 

the City’s specific needs 

Schedule (10%) – Proposal for               10

completing the project in a timely

manner, inclusive of the proposer’s

ability to identify critical paths for 

the timely and competent completion

of all work contemplated under the RFP. 

Compliance with RFP (10%) – The ability of       10

the proposer to comply with all instructions

set forth under this RFP as well as the proposer’s

 ability to agree to all of the terms and conditions

 of the attached PSA without modification,

 particularly as relates to indemnification, 

insurance requirements and standards of care. 

Cost (15%) – The proposed compensation        15

structure (inclusive of   hourly rates of 

compensation, pass through costs and 

subconsultant costs) for   the performance of

 Tasks 1 through 8, inclusive of its proposed not-to

 -exceed sum.  The proposers proposed strategy for

 containing costs   incurred by City while still meeting

 the objectives and standards set forth   under the RFP.

2. Risk Management Case Study - ANMC

Part A:Evaluate the risks associated with completing this project by using a risk matrix. Identify at least 6 important threats, define your probability and cost scales, evaluate the risks and list the threats in order from highest to lowest risk.

Part B:Of the risks you identified, which risks should you mitigate? What steps could you take to manage and/or mitigate the risks you identified 

Risk Analysis & Risk Management: Evaluating and Managing the Risks You Face http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_07.htm  

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