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Question 1
Which of the following is a salesperson's best source of prospects?
A. Trade shows
B. Referrals from satisfied customers
C. Canvassing
D. Centers of influence

Question 2
Which of the following statements about objections during a sales presentation is true?
A. Objections are typically trivial, and best handled by ignoring them.
B. Objections can arise at any time during the sales presentation.
C. A good salesperson allows objections to be raised only when the sales presentation is concluded.
D. In handling an objection, a salesperson should be willing to challenge the prospect's opinion and experience.

Question 3
In response to an objection, the salesperson should __________ the customer.
A. not immediately challenge
B. thank
C. listen passively to
D. actively challenge

Question 4
The concept of __________ focuses the organization's attention on providing continuing satisfaction and reinforcement to individuals or organizations that are past or current customers.
A. pre marketing
B. advertising
C. after marketing
D. warranting

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