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Question 1 
Traditional organizational budgets are typically __________ oriented. 
A. program 
B. expense 
C. activity 
D. operationally 

Question 2  
The name given to the budgeting process that aggregates income and expenditures across projects is: 
A. activity-oriented budget. 
B. top-down budget. 
C. bottom-up budget. 
D. program-oriented budget. 

Question 3  
The first unit requires 10 hours to complete. If the industry uses an 80 percent learning rate, how long should the third unit take? 
A. 10 hours 
B. 9 hours 
C. 8 hours 
D. 7.02 hours 


Question 4  
The first unit required 6 hours. If the industry uses a 90 percent learning rate, how long should the fourth unit take? 
A. 6 hours 
B. 4.86 hours 
C. 3.75 hours 
D. 3.34 hours 

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