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Are you going to be able to write me a new paper 8-9 pages. of argument essay about the same topic i did last time " Young Teens Addicted to Cell Phone" 


The Homework is an argument Essay from 8-9 pages with different sorces (acadimic soreces) + MLA style ( I don't someone else write the paper becaue my teacher will notice that )




Now you will put together an original argument, supported by academic evidence you found

in your research.  

The first section of this paper will include a revised version of your literature review (refer

to any feedback from peers and instructor as you revise).  You will then delve into your

argument, that corrects misinterpretations, fills a gap, or modifies an idea related to the

work you analyzed.  

Provide context.  Using your literature review as a starting point, you will need to

incorporate some information about the general field into your essay.  What does your

reader need to know, outside of what you will present in the body of the paper, to

understand your essay?

Establish relevance.  Make sure your readers understand what your topic is, what your

position is, and how you are contributing to an ongoing, relevant academic conversation.  

Develop a unique thesis.  Your thesis should be clear an insightful.  Readers should gain

a good sense of what your paper is about, and they should want to keep reading.  Your

thesis should not sound exactly like something your readers have heard somewhere else.  It

should answer the question, “So what?”

Provide transitions.  When you shift from one thought to another in your paper, develop

smooth transitions so your readers don’t get lost.  Ultimately, your thoughts should be

clearly organized and should build upon each other – all in an effort to advance your thesis.

Consider various perspectives.  You already will have read up on the issue, so you are

fully informed.  You must directly deal with these various perspectives in your paper.

While the bulk of the essay should be devoted to arguing for your thesis, you are still

required to demonstrate your ability to research an issue, and develop your own strong,

unique argument based on that research. You have not just done research to prove

something that you already knew or already believed! Cite sources correctly.  Since you will refer directly to outside sources throughout your

argument, you must be careful to properly cite those sources.  Refer to your handbook, a

credible online source (OWL Purdue), or the Writers’ Center if you are struggling.

Other basic criteria:
 You must cite 10-15 sources (you must use at least 10 scholarly sources) You must adhere to format guidelines specified in the course syllabus Your essay will be 12-15 pages in length Refer to your Weekly Schedule for details on when/where to submit your work
 You may not change your topic after Wednesday, October 26th, 2015!



You will be assessed primarily upon the criteria described above.  We will carefully review

the Grading Rubric in class.  


*The paper topic is ( Young Teens Addicted to Cell Phones) Argument 

*perspective of the argument

*New thesis (has to be uniqe)

*use the same sources from the literature review and add 9 new sources

*the sources have to be acadenic

*8 to 9 pages long

*no grammar errors

* number of sources has to be 15 in total

*try to get an exceptional (A) from the Rubic

*Avoid Plagarism


I Want this paper to be done in Thursday at 8p.m please ... You did paper for me last week and it was really good, and much more is coming as i said :)



Thank you!  





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